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- High quality hybrid options.

- Diverse comfort for every taste.

- Find your perfect match in our showroom.

- Transform your sleep with unbeatable deals!

View Some Of Our Options

Here's a glimpse of our diverse range of mattresses to cater to various sleep preferences. However, we strongly encourage you to visit our store and experience our mattresses firsthand. There's no substitute for the tactile experience of lying down on a mattress and feeling its comfort and support. Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the perfect mattress for a rejuvenating night's sleep.

The Different Types of Mattresses


Innerspring mattress:

An innerspring mattress uses a steel coil support system layered with foam or fiber padding. These mattresses rely on springs that connect into a single unit or units with individually wrapped pocketed coils. The more coils there are, the better individual support you have.

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Specialty foam mattress:

Specialty foam mattresses use one or more types of foam for their support systems. The foam may be polyurethane, memory, or latex. The mattress may also contain gel or other materials. 

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Pillow-top mattress:

A pillow top mattress has additional padding on top to provide extra-soft comfort. Companies use polyurethane foam, memory foam, latex, or nanocoils in the pillowtop. 

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Gel mattress:

Gel mattresses use a foam that contains gel in the cell structure of the foam. Gel foam adds comfort and support as well cooling properties.


Hybrid mattress:

A hybrid mattress combines a steel coil support system with layers of today’s specialty foams. MidAmerica Bedding’s Elite Hybrid Collection combines pocketed coil construction with GelMemory foam and/or latex.

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Latex mattress:

Latex mattresses use latex rubber made from plant-based sustainable materials. MidAmerica Bedding’s Elite Latex Hybrid Collection uses latex for cooling comfort, support, and durability, while supplementing it with a full-dimension encased coil system for added support. 

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